EuroVelo 6 | Rivers Route Atlantic – Black Sea | Nantes – Constanta 4,448km

EuroVelo 6 in France

■ LOIRE ATLANTIQUE - Saint-Brevin-les-Pins ▻
■ HAUT RHIN - Huningue

It is a 1,300 km long stretch linking the Atlantic Ocean to Alsace then Switzerland :
Saint-Brevin-les-Pins - Loire river mouth
► La Loire à Vélo (for about 800km)
Nantes - crossing with another Trans-European Cycle Route - North to South - the Eurovelo 1 from North Cape to Portugal (Sagres)
► Le canal du Centre - from
▻ Digoin to
Châlon sur Saône accros Burgundy (124km).
► The Saône floodplain
► Liaison Saône Doubs (Saône Doubs canal link):
▻ Saint-Symphorien-sur-Saône (close to Saint-Jean-de-Losne) - 
► The Doubs Valley - canal du Rhône au Rhin (canal that links the Rhône to the Rhine):
▻ Montbéliard
▻Rixheim - crossing with another Trans-European Cycle Route - North to South - the
Eurovelo 5  - Via Romea Francigena from London to Roma then Brindisi.
▻ Kembs - connection points with another Trans-European Cycle Route - North to South : the
EuroVelo 15 that follows the Rhine from its source in the Swiss Alps to its mouth in the North Sea in the Netherlands. (Common stage with Eurovelo 15 until Lake Constance) -
Huningue: swiss border▻ Basel

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