EuroVelo 15 | The Rhine Cycle Route | Andermatt – Hoek van Holland 1,320 km

EuroVelo 15 in Alsace - France

■ HAUT RHIN - Huningue ▻
■ BAS RHIN - Lauterbourg

It is a 190 km long stretch in Alsace linking Huningue (département 68 - Haut Rhin - swiss border) to Lauterbourg (département 67 - Bas Rhin - german border) :

■ swiss border -  Huningue- crossing with another Trans-European Cycle Route - North to South - the Eurovelo 5  - Via Romea Francigena from London to Roma then Brindisi.
canal de Huningue
▻Ecluse (lock) de Kembs-Niffer - end of shared route with
EuroVelo 6 that links Nantes to Constanta (Common stage with Eurovelo 6 from Lake Constance).
▻Neuf-Brisach, la citadelle de Vauban
►canal du Rhône au Rhin
Colmar (10km detour from Artzenheim - along the canal de Colmar)
Strasbourg (bicycle friendly city)
▻La Wantzenau
▻Gambsheim - great locks - largest fish pass in Europe
▻Beinheim - end of Rhine’s canalized section
Lauterbourg - german border.

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