Pricelist and conditions bicycle rental Les Arcs Provence French Riviera


validity May 31,2023


Same Day 24h Week-end 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days Week Day+ Hour+ Deposit


Handlebar Bag 2 € 2 € 3 € 3 € 4 € 4 € 5 € 5 € 0.5 € - -
Child seat * 5 € 6 € 7 € 8 € 9 € 10 € 11 € 12 € 1 € - -
Back pannier std 6 € 7 € 9 € 11 € 13 € 15 € 16 € 17 € 1 € - -
Back pannier wp 7 € 8 € 11 € 14 € 17 € 19 € 21 € 23 € 2 € - -
Shoes & Cleats 9 € 12 € 17 € 22 € 26 € 30 € 33 € 36 € 3 € - -
* Child seat is mounted on a Hybrid GITANE Oregon or on a City Bike THOMPSON Tobago



Opening hours are subject to variation with both peak season and Bed and Breakfast activity.
We recommend to pre-book on site, on internet using the online contact form or by phone - after call centres hours.
Also please note that prior arrangement is required for pick up and drop off.
Adress: L'Oustaou d'Aqui - Boulevard Saint Pierre 83460 Les Arcs sur Argens FRANCE


By prior arrangement. The day hire period is from 10am to 6pm.

Before any pick up, you will be requested to be kind enough to:

- Read and understand our BICYCLE HIRE CONDITIONS below.
- Read the article about tips for a safe ride in Provence, Côte d'Azur and Southern Alps.
- Select a bicycle according to your size and the program you plan.
- Bring photo proof of ID such as ID, passport or driving license.
- Provide us with a damage/liability deposit by check or cash (see pricelist above for details).
- Pay for the hire in full.


Check or cash.


By prior arrangement.


Any minor must come with an adult responsible 18 years or over.
One day hire period is 8 hours. Fees for the whole hire period is payable in full prior to pick up. These fees are not refundable.
A refundable deposit is required prior to pick up, payable by check or cash.
In the case payment of a deposit is impossible, an official and original ID may be accepted together with a reduced deposit. It would be returned once the bicycle(s) has (have) been returned.
The deposit cannot be used, under any circumstances, to cover any extension of hiring period.
The hirer must take care of the bicycle and properly maintain it. The bicycle should not be used if tires are under the pressure specified on its side by the manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check and adjust that pressure.
The hirer is responsible for any violation of traffic rules and any damage or loss caused a third party or to the bicycle while in your possession, howsoever caused (Articles 1383 et 1384 of civil French Code).
In case an accident occurs or the bicycle is stolen, you must go to the Police or Gendarmerie to report it. You also must advice us in the same time.
In the event your bicycle is stolen, you or your insurance will be responsible for the replacement cost of the bicycle (at trade price) together with the commercial loss.
In that case, the deposit will be used to cover this cost and the balance will be refunded.
It is your responsibility as the hirer to ensure that you have adequate Personal Insurance/Travel insurance to cover you and your minors in the event of an accident howsoever caused while using/hiring one of our bicycles.
The hiring company is not insured for bicycle stolen while hired.
It is prohibited to:
- make modification to the bicycle hired,
- make heavy repairs,
- ride on the beaches,
- sublet the bicycle,
- transport another person except a child, in the sole condition an approved seat is properly installed.